November 18, 2019

Self-Care Morning Routine for Mom

There is no doubt that being a mom is a hard job. If you are a mother, you have to raise a human being and teach them everything about life. That’s why you will have to wake up the earliest and go to bed the latest on a daily basis. To keep yourself happy and healthy, you need a self-care routine. Follow these tips down below.

The Morning Beverage

The first thing to do in the morning is going to the kitchen and make a morning beverage. Coffee and tea are great, traditional choices. However, you can basically drink anything that you like. If you like drinking a glass of water, do it. If you like a glass of infused water or lemon water, have a go!


Stretch is very important. It basically helps your body to get ready for the entire day. It relaxes your muscles as well. The simple exercise does not have to be done in a long time. Just sit down on the floor and do some stretches for 5 minutes and you are ready for the next routine.

Skin-care Routine

To make yourself feel beautiful as well as taking care of your skin, go to the bathroom, wash your face and start your skin-care routine. Apply serum, morning cream, or anything that you regularly use on the face at this point. It will make your face fresh and glow beautifully.

Quick Breakfast

Now that your face is ready, you also need to make your stomach ready for the day. The key here is to make a quick but delicious breakfast to yourself. Pick anything that is fast to make, such as cereals or oatmeal. You can meal-prep breakfast the night before if you want to save time at this point.

Touring the House

The last thing in this entire routine is to tour the house. You need to check your room and check your kids’ rooms. If the house is messy, start to put down stuff into the bags to clean it up a little bit. It will help the house looks better when everyone else wakes up.

Do everything listed above as early as possible every morning. It will give the possibility of not being interrupted by the kids while doing all those self-relaxing routines. By doing all of them, when the kids wake up, you are already fresh and happy to greet them then make breakfast. Everything will be soothing and calming every morning.

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