November 18, 2019

Easy Exercise to Gain Muscle at Home

Mensaid Easy Exercise to Gain Muscle – A slim and toned body is the health wish of many people. Spending time with a personal trainer at the gym is going to help you gain such a result quickly. Unfortunately, you may not have such a luxury. You do not need to worry since there are plenty of simple exercises to help you get more muscles in the body. They are simple enough to be done at home. Here are some of the examples.

Slow Running

easy exercise to gain muscle

Cardio exercise is a nice starter if you want to try building muscles. Running is brisk walking is the most recommended cardio activities to do if you want to get muscles. This exercise is also great if you want to build strength in your body as well as maintaining your heart’s health. For starter, you need to run or walk a short distance before finally increasing the distance.

Stomach Crunches

easy exercise to gain muscle

Stomach crunch is a nice way to try to build muscles in your belly area. This does not mean that you can immediately make a toned stomach since your lifestyle plays a huge role in it. You need to do it o flat and cushioned surface to ensure comfort. As you are going up (not all the way through), you need to exhale. Inhaling is done as you are going down. Doing this for 20 to 30 times is a great way to start.


easy exercise to gain muscle

Squatting helps someone building muscles, particularly in the back and legs area. This exercise is going to strengthen one’s thighs and lower part of the back. When squatting, you should maintain your feet to be opened as wide as your shoulders width. Heels become the main weight holder during this exercise which can be hard.  Once you have success doing it for a long time, you can try out the more difficult version.

Lateral Raise with Dumbbells

easy exercise to gain muscle

If you want to increase the muscles development of your shoulder, this particular exercise might be right up your alley. It helps in making your shoulder widens and building mass. You need two dumbbells which you are going to hold on either side of the body. In the exercise, both dumbbells should be raised up with straight arms at the same time. It is recommended to do this exercise slowly at first.

Curling the Lower Back 

This particular exercise is great for people who spend their days behind the desk. It can prevent back pain from acting up. The exercise stimulates your back muscles to work. You need to find a flat but comfortable surface to do this exercise. Maintain the center of your body flat to the floor while the rest up.